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WaifuRegister Invalid

No Images Found

The name you tried to register doesn't have any images.

Possible solutions:

  • Check for spelling mistakes.
  • Search their name tag on Gelbooru and Safebooru.
  • Try including the series name in brackets ( ) (e.g. 'Zero Two (Darling in The Franxx)').
  • Maybe there just isn't any images of them.
  • For more tips see below with 'Not Enough Images Found'.

Not Enough Images Found

The name you have used doesn't have enough images.

~~To make sure you're not sad after seeing all their (e.g.) 5~ images we require they have at least 15 or more images with WaifuRegister (10 for HusbandoRegister) on booru websites.~~

We now only require names to have at least 3 qualified images.

If we find lower than 10 images we will warn you about the low image count while still registering for you.

Sometimes they actually might and you used the 'bad'/'wrong' tag for their name; try searching on booru sites for other possible tags they could be under as. You can also try searching on Google with the name plus series followed by 'booru' for a page that will include their tag.

Example and solutions:

  • 'Rem' won't have enough but 'Rem (Re:Zero)' will.
  • If they are from a new Anime, enough art hasn't been produced yet, try registering them later in the season.
  • Maybe they just don't have enough images.

Register Is Invalid

Here are some reasons why your register might be invalid:

  • You tried to register a series name or generic tag and not a Anime character's name.
  • The tag type on Safebooru/Gelbooru is not set to 'Character' but 'General' - this can happen with new character tags. You can contact us for a quick fix.
  • You tried to register a name that is blacklisted (this list is not public).
  • You didn't include enough characters (if the name is shorter than 3 characters contact below).
  • You gave a name that is too long (again contact below if you think the name is valid).

If you strongly believe the name shouldn't be invalid you can either Tweet @AceStatusBot or join the support Discord server here.