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Register your Waifu or Husbando take them to Discord, Twitter and Twitch! Show the world who you are in love with!

To use MyWaifu or MyHusbando you first need to register one using WaifuRegister or HusbandoRegister.

Patreon users can also use MyOTP, OTPRegister and MyIdol, IdolRegister - become a Patreon, learn more here!

To register a Waifu: WaifuRegister [Name Here]

To register a Husbando: HusbandoRegister [Name Here]

Don't include "[" and "]" unless it's part of the name.


  • WaifuRegister Ryuuko Matoi
  • WaifuRegister Sakurajima Mai
  • HusbandoRegister Prompto Argentum
  • HusbandoRegister Astolfo (Fate)
  • WaifuRegister Zero Two (Darling in The Franxx)
  • WaifuRegister Yorha no.2 Type B
  • HusbandoRegister Hiro (Darling in The Franxx)
  • HusbandoRegister Link
  • WaifuRegister Princess Zelda
  • WaifuRegister Rem (Re:Zero)

Is there a public list of all possible names?

See "How it works:" below.

How it works:

TL;DR: Find your Waifu or Husbando's tag on Safebooru/Gelbooru and register the tag.

Register works by taking the name you have given and searching for a number of qualified images on Booru websites. Names have to be what the sites use as the tag for the images. For example: just 'Zero Two' wouldn't get results on Safebooru while 'Zero Two (Darling in The Franxx)' will. This is a name-by-name bases, another example: 'Sakurajima Mai' would work without having the series name. In 90% of registeres you do not have to include the series name in brackets.

To make sure you get the correct name you can try finding the tag yourself on websites such as Gelbooru or Safebooru. Once you think you've found the correct tag you can simple use that to register (i.e. 'WaifuRegister cu_chulainn_(fate/grand_order)').

You can request support to find the correct name by either Tweet @AceStatusBot or join the support Discord server here.

Please note: we wont spoon feed you; please try to find the name yourself first.

Invalid, No Images, and other problems:

See our invalid Wiki page here!