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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 24, 2022


This Privacy Policy lays out how we: collect, use, store and protect your usage on platforms supported by AcePictureBot.

Supported Platforms: Discord, Twitter, Twitch and Reddit.

  • We do not share any of your data outside of the AcePictureBot ecosystem.
  • We do not sell your data.
  • We take as little data as possible and only take the little amount of data if you directly interact with AcePictureBot.
  • We allow you to handle your data how you want.

Collected Information

What we DO Collect

We don't interact with a user if they're not interacting with us. With this we do not process messages that do not include AcePictureBot in the conversation.

When you do interact with AcePictureBot; we first process your message to make sure you're using a command and only start collecting if you are using a working command (listed here:

Collecting this data allows us to provide a way for you to use systems available on the website.

When you have used a command we collect the following information:

  • Account information. We process the following: Your account ID, account username and account avatar.
  • Partial of your Message. We extract the command in the message, time of message and location (Platform (i.e. Twitter or Discord)).

How your data is used

  • Command History. We allow you to see a history of commands you used to give many types of stats.
  • User Leaderboards. If you used a set number of commands you will be placed on the user leaderboards. We allow you to hide yourself from the leaderboards at Edit Profile
  • Platform Linking. If you use you are able to link your accounts to other platforms. This is only used to combine account IDs, linking your command history and register status ('WaifuRegister', 'HusbandoRegister' allowing cross platform 'MyWaifu', 'MyHusbando').

Your data is not used in any other way.

Your options for more privacy

We want to allow you to be as disconnected from our ecosystem as possible.

  • Requesting Data Deletion. You have multiple ways to request your data to be completely removed: contact support personally on any platform of your choice, or you can request a complete data deletion by emailing [email protected] with as little information as possible but enough to know it's the rightful owner of the account that wishes for this deletion (your account id, recently commands used for example.)
  • Hide Partial Information. Using you are able to edit your profile settings to keep your profile private. This stops everyone but yourself seeing it. You can also just hide yourself from the public leaderboards.


Cookies from our website are used only if you login. This is to allow you to stay logged in for longer - you can clear cookies at anytime.

Privacy Policy Update Policy

We can update this policy and anytime, but will provide a public update weeks prior to the updated policy going into effect through AcePictureBot announcement channels.

Contact us

Email: [email protected]

Ask any questions about this Privacy Policy or how we process your information.