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OTP and Idol Register Help

OTPRegister, IdolRegister, MyOTP and MyIdol are limited to users that are Patreon Silver or above tier only.

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Note: OTPRegister is the most awkard of them all; we tired to make it as simple and understanding as possible. Please contact us with the support infomation at the bottom of the page if you need any more help.

You can use OTPRegister by connecting two names with '(x)'.

To register simply do: OTPRegister [Name Here]


  • OTPRegister Lillie (Pokemon) (x) Mizuki (Pokemon)
  • OTPRegister Oreki Houtarou (x) Chitanda Eru
  • OTPRegister Hiro (Darling in the Franxx) (x) Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx)
  • OTPRegister Vegeta (x) Bulma
  • OTPRegister Nishikino Maki (x) Yazawa Nico


Use IdolRegister along with an Idol's name.

To register simply do: IdolRegister [Name Here]


  • IdolRegister Nishikino Maki
  • IdolRegister Hatsune Miku
  • IdolRegister Ohara Mari
  • IdolRegister Minase Iori

Register works by taking the given name(s) and searching for images on booru websites. Names have to be what the sites use as the tag for images. For example; just 'Zero Two' wouldn't get results while 'Zero Two (Darling in The Franxx)' will, but 'Sakurajima Mai' would work as the tag doesn't include the series. It can get confusing as many names work without series while many require it.

To make sure you get the correct name you can try finding the tag yourself on websites such as Gelbooru or Safebooru. Once you think you've found the correct tag you can simple use that to register (i.e. 'WaifuRegister cu_chulainn_(fate/grand_order)').

You can request support to find the correct name by either Tweet @AceStatusBot or join the support Discord server here.

Please note: we will spoon feed you.