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Why does MyWaifu have a limit?

To make sure you see new images most of the time, we only allow you to use MyWaifu a set amount of times in a time frame (said time frame changes all the time but, it will always stay below 17 hours but above 10 hours.)

If there isn't a limit you will see all images pretty fast and just become frustrated at the bot for re-posting.

You can use MyWaifu+ to get a random image which includes already used ones.

You can also use MyWaifu- to clear your personal 'viewd MyWaifu images' and get a fresh start but this isn't recommended.

Failed to grab a new image!

It was impossible to reach the image websites we use or another problem happened. Try again later in the day. If this continues to happen for more than one day please contact support by Tweet @AceStatusBot or join the support Discord server here.