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Subscribe to Picture Bots

Subscribe to Ace Picture Bots and watch as they post themed media as seen on Twitter!

Servers are limited to only 4 subscriptions at once.

Patreon Gold users can use their Patreon Server gift to allow unlimited subscriptions.

You must have 'Manage Roles' permissions to subscribe and unsubscribe.

To see what bots are currently subscribed in the server, use: !apb settings or !apb subscribe

For a list of current bots you can subscribe to, use: !apb subscribe

Subscribe to a bot by simply using: !apb subscribe [Bot Name]

Unsubscribe using: !apb unsubscribe [Bot Name]

You can save time by using just !apb sub and !apb unsub.

Optional: Set a channel at the end of the message to subscribe the bot there.


  • !apb subscribe AceYuriBot
  • !apb sub AcePictureBot
  • !apb sub AceCatgirlBot #pictures
  • !apb unsubscribe AcePictureBot
  • !apb unsub AceYuriBot

Current List of Ace Bots:

  • AcePictureBot: [SFW] [45 mins] Anime themed media.
  • AceYuriBot: [SFW] [30 mins] Anime Yuri themed media.
  • AceYaoiBot: [SFW] [30 mins] Anime Yaoi themed media.
  • AceCatgirlBot: [SFW] [45 mins] Anime Kemonomimi themed media.
  • AceAsianBot: [SFW] [60 mins] Asian model themed media.
  • AceAnimatedBot: [SFW] [60 mins] Animated Anime themed media.
  • AceWallpaperBot: [SFW] [60 mins] Anime wallpaper themed media. Every image has a width of 1280 or larger.
  • AceEcchiBot: [NSFW] [60 mins] Anime themed filted media.

NSFW bots will only post in channels set to NSFW.

Make sure to check back as more bots to come over time!