WIki & Help

Discord Settings

To view your current settings you can simple use !apb settings

Settings Prefix is: !apb settings

Active / Respond

!apb settings active

This will turn off the bot in your server but keep it in. You can still use !apb commands and re-activate the bot at anytime.

Media (Images and Videos)

!apb settings media

This will toggle the bot posting media links (images and videos) included in results.

Comamnd Prefix

!apb settings prefix your_prefix_here

If enabled, users will have to use your defined prefix to trigger commands (doesn't include !apb commands). To remove your custom prefix use !apb settings prefix without any arguments.

Examples: !apb settings prefix !

Will force users to have to use !waifu.

Mention (Prefix)

!apb settings mention

If enabled, users will have to @Mention (@AcePictureBot) the bot for commands to trigger (doesn't include !apb commands).

NSFW Media

!apb settings nsfw

Allow NSFW media to be posted (will only follow this rule if the current channel it is posting in has the NSFW settings on.)


!apb settings patreon

Disable the "This is a Patreon command" message.

Blacklist Channels

!apb settings blacklist #ChannelName #ChannelNameTwo

Blacklist channel(s) for the bot to ignore listening to commands. You can set as many as you want. To un-blacklist a channel use the command again including the #ChannelName.

A more pratical use is creating a 'waifu' channel and using !apb settings whitelist #waifu

Whitelist Channels

!apb settings whitelist #ChannelName #ChannelNameTwo

Whitelist channel(s).

The bot will only listen to whitelist channels if you have one or more set. To un-whitelist a channel use the command again including the #ChannelName.