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Frequently asked Questions

Q: How can I get help or request a feature?

A: Please first look around the Wiki. If you still need help or wish to request a feature you can either Tweet @AceStatusBot or join the support Discord server here.

Q: No commands are working for me!

A: Each platform has a global limit on how many commands you can use in x-minutes. Please try again after a couple of minutes. We ignore bots, so don't be a bot too. You can also make sure the bot is even online by checking out the status page here.

Q: Why 'Ace [blank] Bot'?

A: I couldn't think of anything else and I'm unoriginal.

Q: Why Patreon?

A: Hosting a bot at this scale is pretty taxing, serving over 30,000 daily users across 3+ platforms can use a lot of resources. With Patreon we can keep the bot alive with low reponse times.

Q: What do Patreons get?

A: Patreons get over 14 Patreon only commands, no per-command limit (unlimited MyWaifu, etc.), new commands early, high-priority in queues and many extra features. You can view the Patreon pape to learn more.

Q: b- but you didn't do any of the art!!!!

A: Please don't become a Patreon if you don't use commands.