Support with Patreon

Please do NOT become a Patreon because of the art that is used and posted.
Use the 'source' command or websites such as and to find the original artist and support them.
Only become a Patreon if you enjoy using commands and wish to support the bot to add new features.

Patreon Bronze

16+ Patreon only commands plus features! Early access to new commands. Able to use NSFW with commands (e.g. 'Waifu NSFW'). No cooldown on WaifuRegister, new MyWaifu images. More statistics for your profile (complete command history). More profile customizable options: own profile title, up-to 6 display badges, custom RGB profile theme and more. Higher Discord game priority, less queue times.

Patreon Silver

Everything in the Bronze Tier, plus... 6+ Patreon Silver only commands plus features! 1 Giftable Bronze Patreon to any friend. Access to IdolRegister (MyIdol) and OTPRegister (MyOTP). Access to seasonal commands any time of the year (WitchGirl, Unwrap, etc.). Earlier access to new commands (use them while they're being worked on). Unlimited credits for spending on your user profile page.

Patreon Gold

Everything in the Silver and Bronze Tier, plus... 1 Giftable Discord Server Bronze Status, allowing a whole server to use Patreon Bronze tier commands. Create a picture bot on Discord (public or private).
Please first contact about your picture bot idea before commiting to this - here are many platform rules towards this.
Instant Discord Game Priority.